A Day with Dikshitar; Concerts, Lec-Dems. in Chennai

Guruguhaamrta (managed by vocalist Ravi Kiran) is conducting a unique day-long event titled “A Day with Dikshitar” on Saturday November 10,  9:30 am to 9 pm at Raga Sudha Hall, Luz, Chennai

The event would feature concerts and lecture demonstrations dedicated exclusively to the various facets of Dikshitar.

The programmes would feature eminent artists such as S Sowmya, T S Sathyavathi, A S Murali, Tiruvarur Girish, Dr R Hemalatha and others.

The schedule –

9:30 am Nottusvarams – Students of Vidya Vanam (Anaikatti) Violin: Madan Mohan, Mridangam: Guru Raghavendra

10:30 am Concert by Tiruvarur Girish – “Dikshitar Kritis from the Dhanammal Bani” Tiruvarur Girish – Vocal Sri M A Sundareswaran – violin Sri Tiruvarur Bakthavatsalam- Mrindangam.

12 pm “Unique Phraseology in Dikshitar Kritis” – a Lecture Demonstration T S Sathyavathi

2 pm-  Concert by 2017 competition prize winner (senior) M Navaneetha Krishnan Violin: Madan Mohan, Mridangam: Guru Raghavendra

2:30 pm – Concert by 2018 competition prize winner (senior) Maitreyi Vijay Violin: Madan Mohan, Mridangam: Guru Raghavendra

3 pm – ”Bhashanga ragas in Sangita sampradaya pradarsini with special reference to krtis of Dikshitar” – a Lecture Demonstration – Dr Hemalatha

4 pm – Concert by A S Murali – “Dikshitar Kritis from the Semmangudi Bani” A S Murali – Vocal Violin: MR Gopinath, Mridangam: B Shree Sundarkumar, Khanjira: Anirudh Atreya

6:15 pm – Distribution of the Vijayalakshmi Rajasundaram Memorial Prizes to winners of the national level Dikshitar kritis competition.

6:45 pm – Concert by S Sowmya – “Dikshitar Kritis from the Dr S Ramanathan Bani” S Sowmya – Vocal.  Violin: Embar S Kannan, Mridangam: Poongulam Subramanian

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