Festival of Sacred Music, Tamil Nadu

Sacred-music-fest-2015-1The 2018 edition of The Festival of Sacred Music 2018 will be held in Tamil Nadu's Thiruvaiyaru town in Thanjavur district from February 2 to 4, evenings.

The festival is an idea promoted by Chennai-based Prakriti Foundation and showcases musicians from across India. The concerts are held in the open and at spaces like the Cauvery river ghats and inside an ancient temple and at heritage spaces.

The festival is an attempt to also highlight Thiruvaiyaru, best known to be the samadhi place of Carnatic composer Thyagaraja and where the annual Thyagaraja aradhana is held. Besides the music and dance heritage of this place, the temples, neighbourhoods and natural histories here offer a fascinating experience to anybody who wishes to head here.

Here are the festival schedule -

Feb 2. Venue: Kalyan Mahal

7.00 pm - Vocal concert by Baby Sooryagayathri, accompanied by artistes on mridangam, violin, tabla and dukki.

8.00 pm : Vocal concert by Madras Youth Choir. Madras Youth Choir is one of the oldest Indian choral music groups formed in 1971 by the late M B Srinivasan, one of the pioneers of Indian choral music.

Feb 3 - Venue: Panchanatheeswara Temple

7.00 pm - Percussion concert curated by Jus Drums Murali with violinist Karaikal S.Venkatasubramanian, pianist and keyboard player Varun Ramakrishnan, mridangam artiste Madurai B Sundar, chenda artiste Mahesh, Tamil folk drums thudumbu, uruttu and thappattam by Team Guru, African Djembe by Keshav, Naren, Karpaka and Akshaya (students of Jus Drums).

Feb 4 - Venue: Pushya Mahal Ghat, on the banks of river Cauvery

7.00 pm -  Vocal Concert by Aruna Sairam and Dominique Vellard.

They will explore the ancient poetic sources of both cultures: the tradition of Tirukkural and the French medieval poetry and maxims. In the seven words of each Kural (poem or saying) is embedded a very simple, yet profound life principle. They will juxtapose this tradition with that of the French poetry. The concert will create a dialogue in which Kurals and other poetic forms will be recited and set to music, interspersed with musical interludes.

All are welcome

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