Remembering music maestro 'Veenai' Dhanammal

Brinda Repertory is organising a four-day festival to celebrate Carnatic music maestro Veenai Dhanammal's 150th anniversary. It is on from from August 6 to 9 at Raga Sudha Hall, Luz, Chennai.

On Aug 6, 9 a.m., an audio-visual presentation on the Dhanammal music bani will be made by vocalist Bharath Sundar followed by a concert by Chiravina Ravikiran.

Dhanammal's portrait will be unveiled by T. Surendra Babu and Rajathi Babu on Aug.6 evening.

Concerts on all evenings of the fest will be given by A. Hariharan, Aruna Ranganathan and Tiruvarur Girish, by P. Vasanth Kumar, T. M. Krishna and S. Sowmya and Hyderabad Brothers among others.

Open to all.