Remembering percussionist Vellore Ramabhadran; award for mridangam great

Remembering-Ramabhadran1His percussion just moved smoothly with the music. Soft and non intrusive.

This is how many speakers described in a nutshell the music of mridangam maestro Vellore Ramabhadran at an event held on Friday evening to remember this vidwan and to honour another.

Remembering-Ramabhadran2At the event held at Raga Sudha Hall in Chennai mridangam maestro Guruvayur Dorai was presented with an award that celebrates the music of percussionist Ramabhadran, in the presence of vidwan T N Seshagopalan, arts promoter V V Sundaram and violinist Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi.

Each of the guests shared their own personal experiences of Ramabhadran.

The man who managed well with a single mridangam even on long tours and could adapt to another if the instrument was mixed up in inflight baggage. The man who kept a low-profile and was not too religious. The man who played alongside the great violinist Lalgudi Jayaraman for over three decades and the one who treasured the great Ariyakudi Ramanuja calling him ' Nadha-bhadran'.

Remembering-Ramabhadran4This is the second edition of the award presentation.

The event is the idea of Chennai-based chartered accountant Vendanth Ramanujam. In the 'Tribute' series he celebrates gurus of the past and in the 'Parampara' series he hosts concerts of sishyas of great gurus.

Said  Ramanujam, "I hold these events because often many great gurus are easily forgotten or do not get their due in their life time." He recalled the example of the pallavi expert and guru Chingleput Ranganathan.