Invitation to annual akhandam of Dikshitar kritis; March 12

Guruguhaamrta is conducting its annual akhandam of Dikshitar kritis at Ettayapuram (Tuticorin District, Tamilnadu) on March 12. (Ettayapuram is where the saint-composer attained samadhi and it is also the birthplace of poet-journalist Subramania Bharathi).

Organised by vocalist Ravi Kiran who is based at Chennai, the akhandam will feature a series of tribute, celebratory concerts by rasikas and artistes and is loosely strung together. A tribute to one of Carnatic music's greatest composers.

Artistes like A. S. Murali, Adamya R., Neela Ramgopal and her sishyas, Amirtha Murali and Padma Sugavanam have agreed to take art.

Ravi Kiran says that artistes, rasikas and music students who wish to be a part of this and offer your tributes to Muddusvami Dikshitar at his samadhi, may contact him to be part of the tribute.

Guruguhaamrta also welcomes donations towards this akhandam.

Contact Ravi Kiran at 97910 17683.