Swathi Sangeethotsavam in Kerala; Jan 4 to 13

The annual Swathi Sangeethotsavam of 2017 edition began on January 4th and ends on 13th.

Held at the picturesque, heritage precincts of the Kuthiramalika Palace in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala this festival is curated by vocalist-vainika Rama Varma and is held to celebrate a former king of the Travancore region, Swati Tirunal and his musical works.

It is said that this king had composed music in this palace.

The music concerts start at 6 p.m. and are open to all and they feature some of the best artistes in Carnatic and Hindustani music.

The Kuthiramalika Palace is adjacent to Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple , East Fort , Trivandrum.

This is the schedule -

January 4th / 6 P.M.

Prince Rama Varma                     - Vocal
Avaneeswaram Sri S.R.Vinu        - Violin
Sri B.Harikumar                           - Mridangam
Dr S.Karthick                               - Ghatam
Payyanur Sri Govindaprasad       - Morsing

January 5th  / 6 P.M.

Ms Amrutha Venkatesh                - Vocal
Sri M.Rajeev                                - Violin
Sri S.J.Arjun Ganesh                  - Mridangam
S.Karthick                              - Ghatam
Payyanur Sri Govindaprasad      - Morsing

January 6th / 6 P.M.

Ms Aditi Prahlad                         - Vocal
Trivandrum Sri Sampath              - Violin
Dr G.Babu                                    - Mridangam
Adichanaloor Sri Anilkumar         - Ghatam
Thirunakkara Sri Retish                - Morsing

January 7th / 6 P.M.

Sri O.S.Arun                                - Vocal
Avaneeswaram Sri S.R.Vinu       - Violin
Sri J.Vaidyanathan                     -  Mridangam
Dr S.Karthick                              - Ghatam
Ms Retnasree Iyer                      - Tabla

January 8th / 5:30 P.M.

Sri Mahadevan                            - Veena
Palghat Sri Maheshkumar           - Mridangam
Adichanalloor Sri Anilkumar       - Ghatam

January 8th / 7pm

Ms Surabhi Pusthakam             - Vocal
Sri Anand Vishwanathan           - Violin
Palghat Sri Maheshkumar         - Mridangam
Adichanalloor Sri Anilkumar     - Ghatam

January 9th / 6 P.M.

Ms Brinda Manickavasakan      – Vocal
Trivandrum Sri Sampath           - Violin
Palghat Sri Maheshkumar         - Mridangam
Vazhapalli Sri Krishnakumar    - Ghatam
Thirunakkara Sri Retish            - Morsing

January 10th / 6 P.M.

Thamarakkad Sri Govindan Namboothiri – Vocal
Idappally Sri Ajith Kumar                           - Violin
Dr G.Babu                                                    - Mridangam
Udipi Sri Sridhar                                         - Ghatam
Kottayam  Sri Murali                                   - Morsing

January 11th / 6 P.M.

Sri Amith Nadig                          - Flute
Sri S.R.Mahadev Sarma            - Violin
Chertala Sri Krishnakumar        - Mridangam
Manjoor Sri Unnikrishnan         – Ghatam
Sri Somashekar Jois                 - Konnakkol

January 12th / 6 P.M.

Sri Kashyap Mahesh                    - Vocal
Sri B.Anantakrishnan                  - Violin
Neyveli Sri Venkatesh                 - Mridangam
Manjoor Sri Unnikrishnan          – Ghatam
Smt Bhagyalakshmi M.Krishna   - Morsing

January 13th / 6 P.M.

Sri Sanjay Subrahmanyan            – Vocal
Sri S.Vardarajan                           - Violin
Nanjil Sri R.Arul                            - Mridangam
Perukavu Sri P.L.Sudheer             – Ghatak
Smt Bhagyalakshmi M.Krishna     - Morsing

Special Concert at 6 P.M.  on Sunday January 15 at Sree Uthradom Thirunal Chitralayam / adjacent to Kutiramalika Palace -

Prince Rama Varma                     - Vocal
Avaneeswaram Sri S.R.Vinu         -  Violin
Sri B.Harikumar                           -  Mridangam
Dr S.Karthick                                -  Ghatam
Payyanur Sri Govindaprasad        -  Morsing

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