T. M. Krishna to stop performing at December Season

Well-known Carnatic music vocalist T. M. Krishna has said that from December 2015 he will not be singing in Chennai's December Music Season.

In a post on his Facebook page, the Chennai-based artiste writes - Right from when I was five or six the 'season' has been part of my musical universe and I have learnt so much from musicians, musicologists, scholars and rasikas. Unfortunately at the place I am today I am unable to reconcile my musical journey with that of the December Season . .  .

The social media was abuzz with reactions and comments since the informal talk about Kirshna's move did the rounds.

Some said that unconfirmed reports from sources said that a leading arts body had hinted to Krishna that if he continued to perform at the morning slots at season time, he would be considered to be a 'senior' guru, sine that slot was mainly for those who had been decorated for high honours.

This talk though may be highly coloured to suit the occasion.

For some years now, Krishna has asked sabhas in Chennai not to charge rasikas for his concerts and sabhas have had to give his morning slots to ensure they do not lose out on the gate collection. But the artiste has received a big audience wherever he has performed. Often, he has charted his own course on stage and this has irked some, made others more curious and earned him other fans.

He has also performed outside the sabhas at 'season' time, including a concert in a kuppam (fisherfolk colony) in south Chennai.