Vocalist Thiruvengadu Jayaraman passes away

thiruvengadujayaramanSenior vocalist Thiruvengadu A. Jayaraman passed away this morning in Chennai.

One of the senior disciples of veteran Madurai Mani Iyer, Jayaraman was a top-grade performing artiste with AIR.

He underwent gurukulavasam with his guru for nearly 20 years.

Thiruvengadu Jayaraman was known for his rendering of kalpanaswaras. His lec-dems on kalpanaswaras used to attract many performing musicians.

He had received many awards and titles including the Sangeet Natak Akademi puraskar in 2005.

He is survived by his son Thiruvengadu J. Venkataraman, mridangist and daughter Krishnaprema Ashok kumar.

His family can be reached at (044) 22590919

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I am really proud my daughter NiranjanaRajagopalan also disciples of 'Thiruvengadu' mama. She never feels that he was her 'Guru'. She was very comfortable with him like her

Grandfather. When we do namaskarams to him he always wish us with a happy heart. And wish us - Sagala sowbakkiyama sakala santhoshathudan erukkanum -

And we now miss all. He taught a song Sababathikku veru deivam samanm aguma to my daughter.

And my daughter danced for that song on the 10th day after he passed awat at Indian Consulate Dubai on 6 April 2007 at Dubai.

Stating that- Krupanidhi evarai pola kedaikkumo enda tharanidanilay, without knowing that Thiruvengadu mama passed away. Upto now she is not aware of this sad news.

He was really a very very simple person and we could reach him easily.

Without any hesitation he used to clear any doublt, Sameway his son Venkat and also mami. We are not having any of his collections with us. If any musiclover is having his concert collection we would like to share.

Rajagopalan, KuwaitAirways, Dubai

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I was blessed to be Thiruvengadu Jayaraman's sishyan for a very short period though. For a period of close to two years I was under his tutelage.


He was never a teacher to me but a very affectionate grand parent giving advice on developing good habits like doing sandhi and other such rituals which will bring in a lot self confidence in oneself.

His family members, mami and anna used to encourage me to sing and practice well. I miss him a lot. It is a very great loss to the music community and students like me.

With pranams and prayers for his soul to rest in peace,

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The demise of Vidwan Shri.Thiruvengadu Jayaraman Sir was a shocking news to me. I was fortunate enough to visit him just before one week of his death and get his blessings. For the last 24 years he has attended the Saint Thyagaraja Aradhana Festival conducted at Calicut without fail.

And for last few years he used to stay with my family, whenever he was in calicut. Also Thiruvengadu mama gave a wonderful chamber concert at my house and for that he was accompanied by his son J.Venkitaraman on the Mridangam. It was one of the beautiful concerts ; no one can forget.

Further every year Thiruvengadu mama use to include a new krithi or rare krithi of Thyagarajaswamikal during his concert for Aradhana also one krithi popularised by his guru Sangeetha Kala Nidhi Madurai Mani Iyer.

If any music lovers is having his music concert collection I would like to share it.

N.V.Narayanan, Calicut
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The death of beloved Jayaraman Sir is indeed a shocking news. We have been closely associated with him and visited him on virtually every weekend in Chennai.

He always stayed with us at Palghat whenever he came there.He attanded my wedding at pune and also every other important function in our family.

He was a treasure of information on music and whatever he knew was like an open book, available to all. I once asked his permission to dub one of his concert tapes for a music lover friend. His reply was" who am i to decide? What would have happened if Thyagabrahmam decided not to share his works with others and thrown it into the Kaveri???

Months before he passed away he told me that he was to sing at a Thyagaraja Aradhana at Thiruvanmiyur. I requested him to sing only Thyagaraja compositions from start to mangalam. He said, "You have given me a real challenge as I like to sing virutham at the end and now I will have to prepare myself with the saints compositions to be sung as ragamalika Virutham. But i take this challenge and will try to satisfy. unfortunately it was not to be.

Narendranath Menon, Chennai
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