Top artistes perform at fest of Karnataka College of Percussion

KCP RamamaniThe Karnataka College of Percussion started in 1964 as a institution has been successful in creating awareness of Indian classical music among the younger generation in Bangalore by training them in various classical percussion instruments and Carnatic vocals.

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Vidwan T.A.S. Mani and Vidushi R A.Ramamani, leading artistes in mridangam and Carnatic vocals respectively, have nurtured the institution and are promoting the art by organising many festivals and workshops.

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KCP-1This year’s music festival, the 48th in the series was inaugurated on May 19, 2013 by K V Murthy, President, Sri Nadabrahma Sangeetha Sabha, Mysore at 6 pm. The venue - Seva Sadhana, Malleswaram.

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The chief guest was Srishkumar, director, Kenshri School, Bangalore.

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The formal event was followed by a performance by eminent artistes Mysore M Nagaraj & Mysore M Manjunath on the violin. Their mastery over the instrument was evident in their presentation of kritis Mokshamu-saramathi and Siddivinayaka-shanmukhapriya.

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KCP1abThey were accompanied by vidwans TAS.Mani and Arjun Kumar on mridanga and vidwan T N.Ramesh on ghatam.

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The second evening saw a wonderful rendering by vidushi RA.Ramamani on vocals. Starting her concert with the Abhogi varnam, she mesmerised the audience with a devi kriti in the rare raga - Divyamani by Bellary Seshagiri Achar and a detailed alapana in thodi. She was supported by Sandhya Srinath on violin, vidwan C.Cheluvarajon on mridangam and vidushi Sukanya Ramgopal on ghatam.

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KCP3-RK SrikanthanOn May 21, Dr R K.Srikanthan along with his son vidwan R S Ramakant presented a vocal concert. His flawless presentation flowed from his long years of music sadhana. The accompanying artistes were vidwan S.Sheshagiri Rao – violin, vidwan Vasudeva - mridanga and vidwan B N. Chandramouli – khanjira.

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On May 22, vidwan Manjula Surendra presented a veena concert. She was accompanied by
vidwans K U. Jayachandra Rao on mridangam and Ranganatha Chakravarthy on ghatam. Her rendering in Khandanade was very well appreciated.

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KCP4-Manjula SurendraOn thKCP5-OSTe May 23, well-known artiste vidwan O. S.Tyagarajan presented a vocal concert. He kept the audience spellbound with his rendering, and had a few rasikas asking for more. The accompanying artistes were C N.Chandrashekhar – violin; T A S.Mani – mridanga; S. Karthik – ghatam and M. Gururaj – morching.

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