Mridangam vidwan Vellore Ramabhadran passes away

velloreramabhadran1Mridangam senior Vellore Ramabhadran passed away in Chennai on February 27 morning.

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He was a resident of Mylapore and the funeral was held later that day.

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Ramabhadran had been ailing and whenever he did make it to the local sabhas for important events, he looked weak and had to be helped around.

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He was a unique percussionist in that his playing was unobstrussive, gentle and embellished the vocalist or the main artiste's recital.

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He accompanied all the greats of Carnatic msuic - from Ariyakudi Ramanuja Aiyangar to Lalgudi Jayaraman - and yet, was a low-profile artiste.

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Among the many awards he was decorated with, was the Sangita Kalanidhi from The Music Academy, Madras.

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He was 82.

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Ramabhadran learnt music under his father Vellore Konnakkol Gopalachariar, a well-known laya vidwan. He first performed on stage in 1943 and had a long, eventful career as a mridangam artiste.

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He is survived by his wife, T R Susheela and son T R Mukund and daughter Padmini.

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Vellore Ramabhadran Interview on Jan 2005.

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