Sri Ramanavami Music Fests in Bangalore

The 75th Sree Ramanavami Music Festival hosted by the wellknown Sree Ramaseva Mandali in Bangalore starts on April 11 this year with a concert by U Shrinivas and U Rajesh.

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The fest is, as always held at the Fort High School grounds under a special pandal erected for this purpose.

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The pooja for the erection of this pandal has just taken place.

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Concerts will be held every evening till May 15 and will feature all the big names in the Carnatic music world. K J Yesudoss, Ravi Kiran, Hyderabad Brothers, Shashank, N Ramani . . to name a few. Awards are to be given to N Ramani and T N Seshagopalan. Tickets are sold for the festival, as season and daily tcikets.

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Similar music treats for the Sri Ramanavami season are held in other parts of Bangalore but for shorter time periods and around the Sri Ramanavami festival time.

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The large neighbourhoods that dot the Bangalore fringe necessitate the need for music festivals in each area to cater to the needs of rasikas locally.

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So there are fests in Malleswaram and Seshadripuram, Basaweswara Nagar and Vyalikaval and in Jaya Nagar.

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