Sri Ramanavami Music Fests in Bangalore

The 75th Sree Ramanavami Music Festival hosted by the wellknown Sree Ramaseva Mandali in Bangalore starts on April 11 this year with a concert by U Shrinivas and U Rajesh.

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The fest is, as always held at the Fort High School grounds under a special pandal erected for this purpose.

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Concerts will be held every evening till May 15 and will feature all the big names in the Carnatic music world. K J Yesudoss, Ravi Kiran, Hyderabad Brothers, Shashank, N Ramani . . to name a few. Awards are to be given to N Ramani and T N Seshagopalan. Tickets are sold for the festival, as season and daily tcikets.

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Similar music treats for the Sri Ramanavami season are held in other parts of Bangalore but for shorter time periods and around the Sri Ramanavami festival time.

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The large neighbourhoods that dot the Bangalore fringe necessitate the need for music festivals in each area to cater to the needs of rasikas locally.

So there are fests in Malleswaram and Seshadripuram, Basaweswara Nagar and Vyalikaval and in Jaya Nagar.