Ananya helps provide funds to needy artistes across Karnataka this pandemic

In times of the Covid pandemic, the community of music and dance artistes have also been hit badly, as are many others. There are no sabha concerts or events at socials, at temples or at weddings and hence, besides the platform, livelihood issues have pushed many artistes to the fringe.

In many states, arts bodies and the state have come to their support.

In Karnataka, Ananya GML Cultural Academy, popularly known as Ananya led by Dr R. V. Raghavendra has thus far given funds totalling some Rs.9 lakhs to some 170-odd artistes across the state, this far in July 2020.

And the donations, big and small have come from all over.

Says Raghavendra, "There is very good support from all. The artistes' fraternity has come forward to support in a big way."

Ananya will continue to seek donations and fund those in dire need.
The arts body which hosts concerts, encourages lec-dems and scholarly work, produces books and albums and funds its festivals in music and dance from its base in Malleswaram, has been supporting many senior, retired and sick artistes for many years now.

Ananya Arogyadhara Nidhi fund has been active for many years now.

Call Dr. Raghavendra on 9980991110 in Bengaluru to get info on how to donate. Donations get tax exemptions.