Bengaluru well-wisher supports nagaswaram artistes in corona virus times

In these times, so many communities need help. To be remembered. Especially those that seem distant as we 'isolate'.

Music connossieur, archivist, author who works in Bengaluru, Lalitharam Ramachandran is doing much for all the nagaswaram and tavil artistes across Tamil Nadu and around.

These artistes are at a loss since all temple, social and stage events stand cancelled and they have no source of income.

Ram, as he is known among friends has identified artistes who really need help - who reside in far flung corners of Tamil Nadu.

So far, close to 90 artistes have been given Rs.5000 each this far. All from donations.

Ram now says he will stop with 100 artistes on his list. You can WhatsApp him at 99809 92830 and he will give you the artiste's contact and you can donate direct. Simple.

Ram has presented on stage nagaswaram greats, held talent shows for the young, documented the greats in their backyards and writes on them.