A Bengaluru community promotes performing arts

Naadhopasana in Bengaluru is hosting the Carnatic music vocal concert of Malladi Brothers on Feb.29. This will be followed by a workshop by the duo the next day.

The concert and the workshop, both ticketed have been sold out.

This arts body is promoted by a few members from Adarsh Palm Retreat in Bellandur neighbourhood of Bengaluru.

It invites music and dance rasikas to become members, create endowments or sponsor specific events.

In March, there is a thalam workshop by Nandagopal.

In April, there is the Sri Rama Navami music season, a Bharatanatyam recital, Carnatic music workshop for children and a dance workshop to follow.

Contact Vidya at 9945621763 / Uma - 9845429614.