Heritage Walk themed on Carnatic music

The Traveling Gecko, a Chennai-based travel company is hosting its second musical storytelling tour on Sunday, February 2 in Chennai's Mylapore zone. 

Led by vocalist Madhuvanthi Badri, the tour will take you through the world of Carnatic music, its evolution over the centuries, its traditions, regional influences, and some of its well known and lesser known contributors.

The stories will be peppered with lots of songs by Madhuvanthi.

Madhuvanthi Badri is a classical vocalist, teacher, performer and cultural shows host. Madhuvanthi is currently hosting a Carnatic music reality show called "Podhigai Singing Idol" on Doordarshan's Thamizh regional channel - Podhigai. 

The Traveling Gecko is a travel firm that organises special interest tours across south India. It had hosted this tour during Chennai's famed December Season in late 2019. 

The tour starts at 7 a.m. and is for two hours. Meeting point: west gopuram of Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple, Mylapore, Chennai. Charges: Rs. 800 for adults; Rs. 400 for children aged 12 yrs and below  (payable in advance along with the registration). Call Rajith Nair in Chennai - 99404 58435