Bengaluru sabha hosts Int'l Conference

Indira Nagar Sangeetha Sabha in Bengaluru is hosting its fifth international conference on music and dance at its premises from January 3 to 8, 2020. Held once every two years, the focus is on the academic side of music and dance and allied performances, with some papers looking at issues experimented with or studied lately.

Scholars, researchers, senior students, gurus and musicians and arts curators are presenting papers at this conference which was inspired by late A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.

From topics like 'Dance and Music in Temple Architecture' and on 'Perception on Global Influence of Classical Music and Dance' to themes like ' New Directions in Margam Format' and 'Live Audio-mixing in concerts using Artificial Intelligence', these will be presented by scholars/ students from India and abroad.

Concerts in music and in dance are also held in the evenings. The annual Purandaradasa awards are being presented.

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