Kalidas Samman award for Lakshmi Vishwanathan

Kalidas-Samman-award-Lakshmi-Vishwanathan Senior Bharatanatyam dancer Lakshmi Viswanathan who is based in Chennai was recently decorated with the prestigious Kalidas Samman award this year.

The award by presented to her by the governor of Madhya Pradesh at the launch of the world famous Khajuraho Dance festival.

The other artistes who were also honoured with this award were dancers and gurus, Radha and Raja Reddy, Kathak guru and artiste Jitendra Maharaj and dancer Darshana Jhaveri.

The Kalidas Samman is a prestigious arts award presented annually by the government of Madhya Pradesh in India.

The award is named after Kālidāsa, a renowned classical Sanskrit writer. The Kalidas Samman was first awarded in 1980. It was initially conferred in alternate years on great artistes in the fields of classical music, classical dance, theatre and plastic arts. From 1986-'87 onwards, the awards have been presented in all four fields every year.

Lakshmi was recently decorated with the Nritya Kalanidhi award by The Music Academy at the start of the Academy's annual dance festival which follows the December Season music fest in Chennai.
She has also been given the Sangeet Natak Akademi award.

Lakshmi continues to produce and choreograph her own dance productions - recent ones have been based on Carnatic music composer Thyagaraja and one on Bangalore Nagaratnammal, the famed singer-dancer who located the samadhi of Thyagaraja, restored it and helped set up a shrine for him besides fighting for the rights of women artistes here and outside.

She also writes frequently in newspapers and magazines.