Yet another Bhagavata Mela fest: Tamilnadu

Bhagavata-Mela-1The 77th Bhagavata Mela Nataka Mahotsav has just unfolded in this small town in Thanjavur, TamilNadu state.

The fest, which celebrates an art form that has been around for a few hundred years now offers the stage to other dance forms too in order to enlarge the scope of the event.

It is on from May 17 to 27 in Mellatur village, some 12 mms from Thanjavur.

The grand 'Harischandra' drama staged in the original Bhagavata Mela style is on May 20 and 21.  Must see for rasikas who have not been to this unique fest.

The fest winds up with two other productions - Rukmini Kalyanam in the Bhagavata Mela nataka style and Valli Thirumanam in Thamizh opera style.

The recitals start after 7 p.m. and go well past midnight, and into the dawn in the case of the Bhagavata productions.
The village plays a good host and the action takes place in the heart of the village.

The host requests rasikas to help donate for this cultural endeavor.

Call 9443127000.

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Open to all.