Classy film captures T. M. Krishna in concert in the hills

On the eve of December Season 2014, comes another unique film on Carnatic music.

Titled 'One', its makers say this is a path breaking film that presents Indian classical music in a radically unconventional way.

The artiste in this film,  T. M. Krishna is captured in the hills of Nilgiris, singing solo with no accompanying musicians.

Shot with three cameras, his music has been captured with live sound recorded on location. With picture finished in the highest quality (4K) and sound mixed in Dolby Atmos, this 90 minute film could be a one of a kind experience for music lovers.

The film is not only aimed at the Indian diaspora but has been crafted in such a fashion to appeal to international audience as well.

At the end of the theatrical release in end-November/early December, the film will be released as a DVD and online music platforms as well.

It is presented by Aghal Films, produced by C Srikanth and conceived and directed by Jayendra.
Jayendra started as a writer in advertising in 1978; turned ad-film maker in 1986; produced and directed over 600 ad-films for clients in India and overseas. He conceived and directed India's first concert film called 'Margazhi Raagam' in 2008. 'One' has been conceived and directed by him.

With Senthil Kumar, he co-founded Real Image Media Technologies and Qube Cinema. He is also accredited with the invention of QJam, a digital jukebox system.