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ragachintamaniBy KutcheriBuzz staff / Chennai

Wondering how to identify a Carnatic raga? Here are books that guide you...

Guide to ragas through film songs

'Raga Chintamani', a guide to Carnatic ragas through Tamil film music has been released recently. Compiled by Sundararaman, a rasika, the book gives a brief introduction of about 160 ragas and lists out film songs based on each raga.

Each raga is given alongwith its 'arohanam' and 'avarohanam', info on the raga, anecdotes relating to each raga and a list of film songs in that particular raga and the name of film the songs are taken from. A section 'Songs vs Ragas', lists out about 1800 songs, with the raga and name of film. Says Sundararaman, "Many rasikas like me used to identify the raga of a classical song using cine songs as refernces. Over the years I started compiling the cine songs of similar ragas and my database grew in size. The result is this guide." The book is priced Rs. 100.

Book on raga identification

rigRaga Identification and Pancharatna kritisA book on 'Raga Identification and Pancharatna kritis' has been brought out by
K. Balasubramaniam of Balaganamrutham.

The first part of the book has a listing of Carnatic kritis in alphabetical order, with their raga and name of composer.

The second part has Thyagaraja's pancharathna kritis with notation.

The book is priced Rs. 51.

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