Bengaluru-Singapore collaborative fest

'Samarpana' festival in Bengaluru showcases Singapore artistes in collaborations and commissioned productions at overseas platforms in the international editions of Samarpana.

The Indian chapter of Samarpana - Ananya Samarpana, is conducted annually in Bengaluru and is presented in association with Ananya GML Cultural Academy. Ananya Samarpana showcases best of India and Singapore in a unique collaborative format.

Started in 2012 as a cross border festival, Ananya Samarpana has been staging artistes of high callibre as well as the new generation of classical dancers who show potential. 

Over the years, the festival has platformed several productions . “Moksha Mudra” a collaboration between choreographer Zaini Tahir’s group and Bengaluru based artists. 

The Nadam group, Parvathy and Sheejit Nambiar with a Singapore based orchestra and several noteworthy soloists such as Praveen Rao, Lakshmi Athreya Parthasarathy And Apoorva Jayaraman. 

The 2019 edition of Ananya Samarpana begins on August 25 at Seva Sadan, Bengaluru. Open to all.

Here is the schedule - 

Aug. 25

10.00am  - Bharathanatya Duet by Aditi Saralaya  and Ritika

11.00am – Bharathanatya  by Sreenidhi Venkatesh

12.00pm – Kuchipudi by Srividya Angara Sinha

5.30pm – Bharathanatya by Nikhita Sampath

6.30pm – Bharathanatya by Ananth Nagaraj

7.45pm - Apsaras dance company presents ‘Param Padam’

Aug. 26

5.30pm – Odissi Dance - Sharmila Mukarjee

7.00pm-‘ Vaali Moksha’- Yakshagana  by Idugunji Mahaganapati Yakshganamandali, Keremane. Direction & Choreography: Keremene Shivananda Hegde. Vaali Moksha describes the incidents leading to the revelation and death of Vaali, the king of "Vanara" or the tribe of the Apes. The alliance between Rama and Sugreeva that happens here becomes a crucial point for the later happenings in the Ramayana.

Aug. 27

5.30pm – “Ayam” by Mathangi Prasan & Meghna Das;  Ayam is a collaborative performance of Odissi and Bharathanatyam that explores the two male principals Shiva and Krishna- through the eyes of their consorts. The unique love stories of Shiva and Parvati and Krishna and Radha illustrate two kinds of union and two ultimate truths through that love, culminating in a celebration of Hari and Hara

7.00pm – Kathak Recital by Gauri Diwakar