Thyagaraja's songs, English soliloquies and Kuchipudi . . .

Bengaluru-based classical dancer Srividya Angara Sinha presents a new production that is based on compositions of saint Thygaraja and on some English soliloquies.

And she is presenting 'Manomanthana' at two venue in Thanjavur district in Tamil Nadu this May.

 Srividya runs Citsabha, a dance academy that focuses on Kuchipudi.

She says she has worked on eleven compositions of saint-poet Thyagaraja, and 14 English soliloquies especially scripted for this production and that 'Manomanthana' speaks of a seeker's journey to a state which when reached, requires no more questions, no more seeking. 

"Since these are compositions of Thyagaraja, it made a lot of sense to begin at Thiruvayyaru, where Thyagaraja spent most of his life, and attained samaadhi from. It is a matter of great good fortune that Thanjavur also fell into place as part of these efforts," says this guru-dancer.

Her new hour-long production makes use of traditional Carnatic music from South India, in tandem with the dramatic idiom of Kuchipudi.

She explains, "The lyrical pieces which are otherwise disparate when viewed individually, but they come together through the time-honoured tradition of vachana, or soliloquy that is distinctive to Kuchipudi."

The musicians who have come together for this production are Ranjani Sivakumar Siddareddy (vocals),  G Gurumurthy (mridangam), D V Prasanna Kumar (nattuvangam), Jayaram Kikkeri (flute), Pradesh Achar (violin), Somashekhar Jois (konnakkol), and Akash Parva (keyboard and effects). Sound design is by Aravind Studio and Omkaar Sound Studios.

This is conceptualised, scripted and choreographed by Bengaluru-based Kuchipudi dancer Srividya Angara Sinha.

Here is the schedule of the shows -

May 10 evening, Sri Navaneetha Krishna Temple, West Main, Thanjvur

May 11 evening at Sri Pattabhi Rama Temple, Pudu Agrahara, Thiruvaiyaru, near Thanjavur.