Creating platforms for young dancers: ABHAI's looks ahead

Abhai-annual-day-celebration-1Bharatanatyam dancer and guru Roja Kannan took over the reins in May of 2018 as president of ABHAI (Association of Bharatanatyam Artistes of India).

On April 27, ABHAI held its Annual Day in Chennai where the body is based.

Roja Kannan tells KutcheriBuzz on what ABHAI is doing and what its plans are.

- On ABHAI's focus.

Abhai-annual-day-celebration-2ABHAI is a very unique organization in the sense it is the only one of it's kind in the whole world which is the unified voice of the artistic fraternity, especially Bharatanatyam.

It was formed with the aim to act as the voice to represent the concerns, problems and issues facing the artistic fraternity. It was started with only service to the artistic fraternity as its primary activity but over the years the scope of activities have expanded to include creating opportunities for performances for it's members as well as spreading the arts to include all sections of the society through its Outreach initiatives  to Chennai Corporation schools and government-aided schools and colleges.

Abhai-annual-day-celebration-3- On dance education

The learning process in any art form is a continuous process and to facilitate this ABHAI has its workshops called Abhivriddhishalas  both monthly and bi-monthly and annual whereby very senior gurus and legendary artistes are invited to teach , interact and share their knowledge with the members.

- On creating a stage for dancers

ABHAI also has expanded its activity in creating performance opportunities for its members in the form of festivals and also holds competitions in schools and scholarships are awarded to winners. (See website for complete information)

- On being limited though it claims to be all-India

The organisation has long back become an all-India one with shakas or branches operating in Mumbai, Coimbatore, Trichy and Puduchery. A shaka in Kerala is soon to be inaugurated in Calicut in  the middle of May.