Vocalists and dancers collaborate in unique series

Divya RaviGeethabhinaya is a unique exploration which a group of Bangalore artistes is exploring - one which involves concert singers and Bharatanatyam soloists in trying the myriad possiblities that compositions offer for Abhinaya, sans rhythmic accomplishments.

On September 3,  Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and Ananya - Bengaluru will host another edition of this exploration. This Sunday, Vinay Sharva and dancer Prathibha Ramaswamy and Pavan Rangachar and dancer Divya Ravi who will be accompanied by veena vidwan Shankar Raman
The venue - Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bengaluru. 6 pm onwards.

Vinay SharvaCurator of the Geetabhinaya series, Ananya says that the series offers an exploration of the opportunities that traditional Carnatic kutcheri compositions offer for dance - Abhinaya in specific.

In this unique attempt, two Bharatanatyam soloists - Prathibha Ramaswamy and Divya Ravi have collaborated with two Carnatic vocalists - Vinay Sharva and Pavan Rangachar respectively, with the latter pair being accompanied by Shankar Raman on the Veena.

Compositions that are customary in a Carnatic kutcheri such as Tana Varnam, Swarajathi, Keerthanam amongst others have been adapted to suit dance.

Pavan RangacharThe primary focus is Abhinaya for the dancers and bhaava for the musicians. To add another element of novelty, there will be no percussion instruments, challenging all the artistes to hold the rhythm on their own, says a note from Ananya.