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News Round Up Nov 09, 2010
Book in Kannada on the science of Carnatic music


Nada Vignana Sampada is an insightful book in Kannada on the science of music. Dr K. Varadarangan has written it, Karnataka Sangeeta Nrutya Academy, Bangalore has published it and the book was released recently.

It is a compilation of a series of articles that appeared a few years ago in the monthly magazine Ananya Abhvyakti under the title Nada Vignana Taranga.

In this book, the original material has been improved and recast into ten chapters. The subjects of these chapters are as follows: (1) Fundamentals of sound and music (2) Musical instruments (3) The human voice (4) Musical notes and scales (5) Ragas and their classification (6) Modal shift of tonic and its significance (7) Auditorium acoustics (8) Musical gadgets (9) Psychoacoustics and (10) Music therapy.

Among these, chapters 5 and 6 are exclusive research contributions of the author himself.

Dr Varadarangan says 'Nada Vignana Sampada' is a unique book in Kannada that covers almost all aspects of the science behind music. There is an index of technical terms used in this book with equivalent English words that facilitates the study of this book.

The book is priced at Rs.150.

Vidwan Dr Varadarangan hails from a family of musicians, dancers and writers. He is an established vocalist and a musicologist and has several publications to his credit. He has performed in several reputed sabhas of south India and is an AIR artiste.

Copies of the book can be had at the office of Karnataka Sangeetha Nruthya Academy, J. C. Road, Bangalore.

You can email the author at - kvrangan@yahoo.co.in


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