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News Round UpJuly 21, 2001
Silver Jubilee of Bombay sabha
By Abhishek Hariharan / Bombay
Palghat T.S.AnantaramanSri Naadabrahmam, a Trust dedicated to promote the cause of classical music in the city of Mumbai, was founded in 1976. Initially started with the motive of celebrating the Thyagraja Aradhana Festival on a large scale, the trust will celebrate its Silver Jubilee this year. The festivities have been planned over six months commencing on the 15th of August with a grand function. The events planned include a vocal music competition open to all music students in Mumbai and performances by students on new musical themes finally culminating in a Thyagraja Aradhana Festival in February 2002.

The Naadabrahmam Music School was founded by Palghat T.S.Anantaraman. It has over a hundred students of all ages learning vocal music on its rolls. It is the first school in Mumbai to prepare students for the certificate exams conducted by the Karnataka State Board for Education. Almost 90 students from this school have passed the Senior and Junior Level music exams.

The school also regularly arranges lecture-demonstrations and question-answer sessions by distinguished teachers and stalwart performers in the field.

Concerts apart, informative and innovative programmes have also been designed and successfully presented. Most notable among them being Navagraha Gananjali and Bhakti Sampradaya Sangeeta Sandhya. Navagraha Gananjali is a performance of Muthuswamy Dikshithar's Navaghraha Kritis replete with slide shows and other audio-visual tools that convey information about the Navagrahas. This show has been has been well received and continues to be staged across the country. Bhakti Sampradaya Sangeetha Sandhya, a rendition of songs by composers from the Pre-Trinity period presented in a light classical style. Conceptualized and executed by T.S.Anantaraman Bhagvathar, such innovative and informative programmes provide a refreshing break from the usual concert style.

What makes the Silver Jubilee celebrations special is the fact that the entire proceedings will be conducted entirely by the students. Also, every student of the school will be involved in some way or the other in the festivities.

The school hopes to fulfill its dream of having a large building where both vocal and instrumental music is taught and researched. Lack of space is proving to be a major hurdle in the realization of this dream.

Sri Naadabrahmam Silver Jubilee Celebration Committee can be contacted at the following address:
D-1/D-2, Navageetha,
St. Anthony Rd., Chembur,
Mumbai - 400 071.
Phone - (022) 551 6568 / 556 0653.
E-mail: hariharans@aol.com


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