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Dance fest in Mangalore; young stars featured

The Indian west coast city of Mangalore (Mangaluru) is hosting a two day dance fest - featuring some of India's young, talented dancers.

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Music, dance and flower art at Bangalore's temples

Gudiya Sambhrama is a unique festival; its promoters choose to host music and dance concerts and other performing arts in vintage temples in Bangalore and its neighbourhood.

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Kalakshetra's postponed fest from January 26; Chennai

Kalakshetra Foundation had to postpone its annual December season-time fest because its auditorium was damaged by cyclone Vardah that hit Chennai city in early December.

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Fest showcases best young artistes; Bangalore

Some years ago, Bangalore's arts bodies which promote music and dance came together, formed an umbrella and floated what seems to have now become a well-known music contest and festival - one which provides the platform for some of the best young talents in this part of India.

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