Hailing from Bombay, Shobha Ramesh (nee Ramachandran) is the daughter of Smt. Janaki (a housewife) and Sri.Ramachandran (a mechanical engineer and disciple of Sri Ramana Maharshi). She is presently a B-high graded ariste of A.I.R, Bangalore. She is the granddaughter of Raghupathy Iyer of Palghat and her maternal great grandfather was the famous Hari Katha exponent and musician Sri. Kalpathy Anantharama Bhagavatar. (not the same as Palghat Thondukolam Anantharama Bagavatar).

A post- graduate in Economics from Bombay University and a B.Ed, she had her initial musical training under her mother Smt. Janaki Ramachandran, a disciple of Palghat Rama Bagavathar, who was a great musician of yesteryears. She later learnt from Smt.Seetalaxmi and Palghat Sri.T. S.Anantharaman in Bombay and further from Sangeeta Kalanidhi
Sri D. K.Jayaraman and Sri.Raghavachary.
An A.I.R prize winner in 1989 in the Carnatic vocal classical category, she left for U.S soon after her marriage, where her husband Dr.Ramesh,a Ph. d from I.I.T, Delhi,joined as a faculty with Texas Tech University, Lubbock, for post-doctoral research in Chemistry. She taught music at Lubbock,Texas for 3 years and also did her bit to promote Indian culture in Lubbock by organising cultural / musical get-togethers and Tyagaraja aradhanas / celebrating all festivals with bhajans / keertans.

Returning to India in1993, after her husband shifted from academics to industry, she had to begin a new life full of transfers and new environments. But determined to not let go of her music, she continued her involvement in and practice of music. She travelled long distances to record for All India Radio at its different venues. While in Gurgaon, Shobha taught music and was made the cultural coordinator of Sri Siddhi Ganesh Cultural Society, where she unleashed her creative and organising capabilities, encouraging youngsters and holding talent-promotion concerts. She was given a momento for her valuable contributions to the Gurgaon cultural scenario.
Performing at different venues at Chennai during the music season for over 10 years, and performing at many venues at India and a few abroad whenever possible over the years , despite her constant shifting, taking everything in her stride, she continues enthusiastically.

Selfpromotion has been last on her mind as she is selflessly devoted to her family. Better late than never, she has now decided to showcase her CDs / concerts on the insistence of her young son who has put many of her concerts on YouTube. Being a firm believer in the teachings of Sri. Adi Shankara, she has tuned a shloka / compiled several songs on Sri.Chandrasekharendra Saraswati of Kanchi, who is an embodiment of Adi Shankara, who taught the world to apply the principles of Vedanta in modern life, embracing all cultures with the perception of oneness.

Kalavardhani has brought out an album 'Acharya Hrudayam', which is a tribute to this great saint. She has sung a new raga Shankarapriya composed by Alathur Vijaykumar in this album. Besides music, Shobha has learnt Yoga from the great master Sri. B. K. S. Iyengar and his daughter for 2 years, while at Pune and believes that yoga helps a lot in music and keeping fit. She also participated in Sivanada Yoga workshops in Gurgaon for 2 years.

Always wanting to do more and never complacent, she even taught French for a year at the DPS school, setting / correcting exam papers for classes 5 - 7. She has done a professional course in Computers from NIIT. She has also completed her second degree level in Reiki (a form of holistic healing). She sometimes does freelance writing when she wants to express her views on some topics.

She has sung for the T.V serial - Discovery of India - aired in the 90s. Shobha has a mellifluous voice that traverses the
3 octaves with effortless ease and grandeur (which was written in a review).

She is performing in AyyappaBhakthaSamajam on 26th December at 6pm during the music season.
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Shobha also has her own web site. It has more about her and her work. It also has audio and video clips of her concerts
and music. Log on to - http://www.shobharameshcarnatic.com/