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Uma has performed in several prestigious programmes in renowned venues all over the country and overseas. Below are a few of them:

Performed at The Allaudin Khan Samaroh, Maihar in Feb 2009.

A successful tour of South Africa, Zambia, Re-Union Islands and Kingdom of Lesotho in April-May 2003.

A Charity Show in Dehradun, Sponsored by the ONGC in Sept.1998.

The Khajuraho Festival in 1992.

The French Embassy, New Delhi in June 1990 and Dec.1990.

The Godrej-National Centre for Performing Arts, Mumbai, in July 1990.

The Sangeet Natak Academy, in Hyderabad in 1988.

The Sahitya Kala Parishad, in New Delhi in 1988.

The Sur-Singar Samsad, Bombay 1987.


The Inauguration of Music Academy,December season, Chennai in 1987.

The Inauguration Sri Krishna Gana Sabha , Chennai , December season on three occasions .

The Release of Dr.Karan Singh's Paintings by Pupul Jayakar, at Maurya Sheraton , in 1987 in New Delhi.

A cultural Evening presided by the Ex-President Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy, at Kamani Auditorium New Delhi, in 1981.

ARANGETRAM, in 1981, at Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi.


'... The Lotus eyed Uma Ramesh ..... held the audience captive with eloquent style and excellent foot work.... her detailing of Nayika nayaka bhavam and her yearning for the lord was exemplary ....she breathed life into Pazhani shanmuga vel undu.
Review in CHENNAI ONLINE, Dec 2008

Bharathanatyam : Dancing Stories
....on our fourth day in India we took a workshop in the story telling dance theater style of Bharathanatyam with Master Teacher Uma Ramesh...It was so great to see our storytellers taking on instructions and expanding their storytelling to their performance "The Talkitive Turtle".
ETH-NOH-TEC, Kinetic Story Theater,Nov 2008

Uma Ramesh a classical dancer par excellence
Uma B. Ramesh's concert at the UAE Exchange center, Abu Dhabi, was witnessed by the MD.and CEO of NMC group of companies, COO of UAE Exchange cente, Hon. President of KSC, members and classical dance followers.... Uma enthralled the audience with her dance performance....
Mangalorean.com, Nov 2008

...Uma's dance still sports the same unwavering stamina......the nayika'a from devotional to the erotic having a natural flow......the dancer's best was in the Javali " Saara Maina".....had all the khanditta bite in the abhinaya....
Leela Venkatraman, The Hindu April 2006

Greatness Of Tulasi depicted
.....coming back to the stage after a gap has made her more mature with intense internal orientation.......a refined performer....her footwork is firm and confident....a very appealing quality that was coated with sutle , sensitive, non-dramtised touch ....... was spontaneous with perfect control ----- Uma is bound to reach great heights......
Nandini Ramani,THE HINDU 2005.

…….She came , She saw, She conquered---South African's hearts. …Uma's performances had the audience members pleading with her to stay on and train them…….
Newswires,The Asian Age, 2nd June 2003

· ….the hall was packed to capacity…with distinguished personalities of Capetonian Society…Uma B. Ramesh gave a 1and a half hour performance…..received a rapturous ovation. Uma dazzled not only by her dance but also by the eloquence of her narration.
CAPETOWN OFFICE, High Commission of India, 2003.


· …the varnam in Natakurinji was faithfully rendered by the dancer…..in stance and rhythm Uma never faltered….her rendition of teermanams and adavus was flawless….
Leela Venkatraman.The Hindu, Sept. 18 , 1998.

· ..Uma thrilled the hearts of all those who thought they had lost her forever to matrimony when she performed at Triveni last week…..what superb form and control over Rekha and changes of rhythm Uma showed…..
Shanta Serbjeet Singh,The Hindustan Times, Sept .19th 1998.

· Uma B.Ramesh gave a brilliant recital,with superb control over rhythm and movement…..With sure-footed mastery over tala ,Uma danced with abandon,covering stage space with aplomb….the Papanasam Sivam varnam in Natakurinji saw Bharatanatyam in full blown grandeur……revealed a dancer in full control…
Leela Venkatraman, The Hindu, Dec. 1998.

· …But it was the other young dancer ------Uma Balasubramanian----who quite literally stole the show…it would have to be difficult not to succumb to her fine handling of the Lalgudi Jayaraman varnam in Ragam Charukesi……IF ONLY FOR AN EVENING HER PERFORMANCE RECAPTURED SOMETHING OF THE MAGIC ASSOCIATED WITH THE KHAJURAHO FESTIVAL….
Sunday Observer, March 28th 1992.

· …..Uma Balasubramanian danced with an abandon which also represented Bharatnatyam in all its linear geometrical perfection….Uma gave a velvetty glow to the mimetic passages….it was the joy of movement and dance that she caught so illuminatingly……..For involving the audience fully in the ecstasy of what was done on the stage, Uma's was perhaps the best performance.
Friday Features, The Hindu, March 1992.

· ….this sprightly dancer stole the show…Uma soared high,taking the audience along with her….She is young, pretty ,youthful and exuberant. A FESTIVAL STAR.
Sunil Kothari, Marquee, The Economic Times, March 1992.

· …Uma's dance is the embodiment of Lasya ….she handled her varnam with confidence,treating abhinaya and nritta with equal artistry….
The Times of India, 26th Feb, 1990.

· ….Uma's Sankarabharanam varnam truly mesmerised the audience…her feet beat out a merciless rhythm that silenced the drums….Uma sailed through Krishna's pranks and love play with great grace and joie de vivre…
Deeda, National Herald, 19th Feb.1990

· To start with, Uma
Balasubramanian ,that new phenomenon in Bharatnatyam, gave a performance which was overwhelming in its exquisite command over every aspect of it's style……the quick-silver pace of her tillana was equally matched by the liquid expressions of her 'abhinay'…
N. K. Mudgal, The Hindustan Times,Jan.11 ,1988.

· Bharatnatyam and Uma Balasubramanian are made for each other,that was the feeling one got after witnessing Uma's brilliant performance at Aifacs Hall…….gifted with a keen sense of Abhinaya and rhythm she has been rising to new heights………
The Blitz, March 6th 1982.

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