About Us

The story behind this website


How it all began...

KutcheriBuzz was born when its promoters in Madras, south India, recognized a vibrant community among the artistes and rasikas (audience) of the Carnatic music and south Indian dance world.

It was a community that the Net could also connect. More so because while the artistes performed around the world, Indians who had settled abroad, also took to the stage.

And so, KutcheriBuzz was born on the eve of the December season in 1999. The December season in Madras refers to a prolonged season of Carnatic music and classical dance concerts held at over a dozen halls around the city, from morning to night, numbering over one thousand, sometimes more.

We are associated with the publication of a few community newspapers for three neighbourhoods of Madras, now called Chennai. (Adyar Times, Mylapore Times and Arcot Road Times).

In the course of the reportage for these newspapers, we were constantly interacting with classical artistes. . .. And there was so much buzz in their world and immense interest among the rasikas, that we saw the need to network and build an umbrella of sorts.
The birth of the web site

We began by publishing a Guide Book to the December Season and followed up with a daily newsletter for rasikas attending that festival in 1999. The venture attracted a lot of attention. So we transferred all this info on to a website.

That is how was born.

Today, in 2012 we are respected for what we do. We survived the dotcom bust and remained sober during the dotcom boom and now, fairly well known in the south Indian world of classical music and dance.

But let it not be mistaken that we wake up only during the December season here in Madras.

Our website buzzes the year round!

Our office on Alwarpet's C. P. Ramaswamy Road, in south Madras, is small. But it is busy all days of the year.

The community's property ...

What makes us tick is the fact that we treat this website as the property of a community. So we encourage reports and pictures directly from the artistes, dancers. writers and musicians.

We believe a website is of and by the community. That is when it can be successful. We provide our editing and design skills. And we make look up an event in Chennai or Bangalore, Hyderabad or Thanjavur.

Stories, Info and Visuals

Our site is rich in information and stories ; yes, we loving sharing stories of a music fest on a riverbank or a dance production in progress in a Mylapore colony.

We also post lots of pictures and videos. And ask artistes to tell their stories in first person.

A new look in 2012

KutcheriBuzz got a new look this 'season'. To make it brighter and neat and to tap into technology that best suits our work. Rage was responsible for this.

The core and the focus though remains the same.

If you are new to this place, we invite you to become part of this community. And contribute to it.

Vincent D' Souza
Madras, south India
December 2012.