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Remembering M. A. Kalyanakrishna Bhagavathar

Every now and then, in Chennai concerts are dedications and remembrances. Most are low-profile and simple events but they remember some outstanding artistes or gurus, some less-known to the bigger world of Carnatic music or to the new generation of rasikas.

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Singapore dance company performs in Bangalore

Ananya in Bangalore is presenting a dance production of a Singapore-based dance company, Nrityakalamandiram on Sept.30 evening at a auditorium in Malleswaram, Bangalore.

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Simple event marks 100 years of Music Dept. of Queen Mary's College, Chennai

The event to mark the centenary of the department of music of Queen Mary’s College, Mylapore as simple and informal.

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Lec-dem series to appreciate Carnatic music; Chennai

Dr. Radha Bhaskar, musician and musicologist will be presenting 'Sangeetha Saurabha' - a series of thematic musical programmes on appreciation of different genres of Carnatic musical compositions.

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